Hugo Auler: 

Hugo’s life is dedicated to family, business, and sports. He is an avid athlete that started with soccer (as a good Brazilian). He then switched to swimming, marathons, and cycling. To combine the three, he became a triathlete – he has Olympic and Ironman distances under his belt. Hugo likes to motivate people, offer good advice and push them to their limits. He is a strong and powerful cycling instructor. If you want to improve your fitness level, endurance and strength, come to his class!

Zaneta Auler

Żaneta has three addictions in life: traveling, sports, and chocolate. :) She runs her Fun Travel Tourist Agency that takes her around the world, and works as an indoor cycling instructor, which gives her strength and joy. To balance these two, she needs some chocolate. ;) She was a strong, highly motivated team handball player for many years, achieving many medals in her native country of Poland, and was a multiple winner in 100-meter races. She loves variety in life and in sports: she skis, snowboards, roller skates, cycles and scuba dives. After moving to California, Żaneta fell in love with yoga and is now dedicated to improve her practice to obtain all the benefits that yoga has to offer. Żaneta’s indoor cycling classes are tough and serious. She focuses on correct form and on taking fitness routines up to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started or an advanced rider trying to reach a goal, come and check it out!


Roxan Kruse

The first time Roxan stepped onto her yoga mat, she didn't know what to expect. She enjoyed the workout and that's what kept her coming back, but through the years something shifted and she has found that it's when she's on her mat that she finds the truest form of "herself". When she's practicing yoga she can leave the chaos of today's world to the side and find a profound sense of grace, peace, and calm. Through her teaching she hopes to share her experience and help you find a truer sense of "you". Specializing in vinyasa flow, Roxan loves to link breath to movement, using the breath as a means to turn inwards and focus on oneself. She views her role of yoga teacher someone who guides students through a practice, and encourages everyone to approach yoga with a sense of curiosity and self exploration. In her classes, you can expect to flow, stretch it out, and probably even sweat a little - but most importantly you will have the freedom to explore and make the practice truly your own.


Bonnie Marder

Bonnie Marder has been teaching yoga and fitness in the Southbay area for over 25 years and she received her master yoga teaching credentials in 2009. She loves creating fun and original playlists for her indoor spin and yoga classes and she is always changing her yoga flow sequences to help her students improve their strength, grace, and flexibility. She loves to share her enthusiasm for fitness.


Veronica Martinez

Veronica, originally from Texas, moved to California a decade ago to work in the biotech industry. She grew up as more of a sports spectator, but if there was a beat in the air, she was bouncing around to it. A competitive dancer in high school, Veronica danced to destress in college and today dances on the bike to her Rhythm Rides. She loves music and keeps it upbeat and fun in the spin room! find her on Facebook and share your favorite tune -- we'll get it on the playlist! You are stronger than you think you are! Live in gratitude and joy...Always :-)


Lisa Bree

Lisa originally found fitness as a way of regaining her sense of self after motherhood. While she cherishes the daily challenges and rewards of raising three young daughters, she values the importance of self-care and healthy living. Her hobbies of Spinning, Yoga and TRX soon became her passion. She enjoys sharing her passion and inspiring others to find their inner strength, both physically and mentally. She believes in creating a dynamic workout set to great music in a fun atmosphere.


Derek Mathews

Derek started his fitness career at 2006 as a spin class instructor at Crunch Fitness. He became hooked on fitness! After Crunch fitness, he went on to became the strength and conditioning coach for the women's swim team at NYU. For the past six years, he taught at Plus One's facility at Credit Suisse Investment Bank. He led Spin, BOSU, Chisel Pump, Boot Camp, Biathlon and running classes. During this time he began to experiment with TRX and incorporating it into his training of private clients and small groups. He believes in focusing on core strengths, flexibility and offering challenging workouts tailored to the goals and ability of each client. He is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and is certified by group fitness organizations: AFAA, Schwinn, Mad Dogg Spinning and TRX. You won't regret joining his class!


Richelle Mercure

Richelle’s love for fitness started early in youth. She started her adventure as a competitive gymnast and later became a professional dancer. She has practiced yoga since 1998, earned her certification through Leeann Carey at Planet Yoga and continued her education at YogaWorks. She continues to love it because it keeps her body strong and healthy through movement and stretching. Richelle began indoor cycling in 2001 and was immediately drawn to the upbeat music and the intensity of the workout. Richelle is a believer of teaching “smart flow” sequences in both spinning and yoga that strengthen, tone and tighten the body. They also help focus the mind and allow the body to exercise in a safe and logical way. Richelle’s yoga classes are playful, fun and sweaty vinyasa flow sequences. Her spin classes are spunky and challenging. Her Power Hour combines the two harmoniously and helps relieve stress, create powerful core strength, improve your posture and create wellness in all of your being.


Greta Recinto

Greta grew up an active girl playing team sports like basketball, volleyball, track relays and tennis.  She went through knee surgeries which led to her first yoga class in Houston, TX, but it was a life changing move to Southern California where she found a deep connection with the practice of yoga. In 2010, Greta started her yoga teaching journey and became a certified instructor. She quickly felt the benefits of aligning the mind with the breath and body.  Yoga has been instrumental with helping her harness the power to stay grounded and uplifted while using the body and mind to understand emotional and physical awareness as a tool towards happiness. Practicing yoga has given her the wonderful gift of healing from trauma and loss.  Greta learns and teaches through yoga to trust in transformation, change and purpose without settling with the easy security blankets of life. Greta guides with knowledge, passion and dedication in leading Power Flow, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation and private classes in the Los Angeles area. Greta’s enthusiastic spirit enhances the amazing experience of learning the craft of yoga, and adds a little light into every day.  



Sara Krish

Sara brings her passion for sweat, uplifting vibes, and Warrior attitude to every ride. Driven by the impact of her cancer journey, she leads class from a place of inspiration and encouragement, always pushing her riders to break through something and “let it go”. Fueled by Hip Hop favorites and soul-filled instruction, the energy created feels like magic! Come take part in Sara’s coined “Get Lit” experience and feel it for yourself! *Disclaimer: You may GET LIT due to excessive sweating, extreme euphoria, and a wild love affair.



Tracy Boyt

Tracy teaches Yoga to encourage mindful, joyous and healthy living. Graduating with a BS in Criminal Justice, Tracy worked through the ranks of corporate life of the investigation industry. First introduced to Yoga in 2011 by a colleague...she fell in love at first class. Yoga continued to be a stress reliever for the corporate world until the calling to follow her fitness passion lead her to take the leap from corporate life to Yoga teaching. Completing 200-hour teacher training at SoHo Yoga in April 2016, Tracy foudn her path and hopes to share Yoga to bring the joy that Yoga has brought her. 




Jayne Justice

Jayne Justice is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and fitness instructor. She has been involved in dance, fitness, sport, and nutrition her whole life. She received her BS in Nutrition from William Woods University and completed her Dietetic Internship at the University of Iowa City Hospitals and Clinics. Having graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she focuses on individualized homiletics coaching with her clients, is the author of Vibrant Living 7 day Detox program, and workshop/seminar speaker. Her commitment to teaching and her enthusiasm for 'feeling good' is contagious. "I love creating opportunities for our own bodies to heal itself. Proper nutrition, regular exercise, supplements, adequate sleep, and less stress, allows us to function at our optimum, ultimately allowing us to feel alive and vibrant."


Roxanne Moreno


Roxanne discovered yoga in 2007, after graduating from UCLA, in search of adding something new to her physical exercise routine and self-care,as she began her career in social welfare.  Initially, she was drawn to the practice as a way to burn calories and tone up, but soon discovered that yoga was so much more than the physical asanas, bringing clarity to the mind and an opportunity for introspection and self-growth.  In 2016, she decided to embark on a 200 Hour Teacher Training at Soho Yoga to fulfill her yoga passion.  Roxanne believes that yoga is for EVERY BODY and her goal is to help make yoga more accessible to people of all backgrounds and walks of life.  Roxanne is also trained in Trauma-Informed yoga, helping her create a safe and supportive environment for her students.  Her classes are fun and energetic, with enough balance to work up a sweat and calm the mind.